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Robot, Rank Among The Areas of 3D Printing

Date:2016-03-08 Hits:279
Robot, Rank Among The Areas of 3D Printing
It’s so difficult to manufacturing a robot, the direct consequence is costly, and difficult to walk into a normal family life. But the rise of 3D printing technology allowed scientists to see the possibility of more easily manufactured at low cost robot. Therefore, when the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) research team wants to build a small one, complex hydraulic robots, they turned to 3D printing.

It is understood that in addition to the robot motors , all parts is made of 3d printer disposable . The entire robot requires little assembly, there is no wasted material. It is mainly driven against the thin liquid to move through the channel, and these channels are in 3D printing when it has been integrated into the structure of the six legs.


According to reports, FDM rapid prototyping technology commonly known as "3D printing" is a away from the traditional tools, fixtures and machining constraints, only three-dimensional CAD model data according to part or object, by molding equipment to accumulate material made into a real fashion model technology. By "3D printer" machined parts with high accuracy, good mechanical properties and so on.

3D printing technology accelerate the advent of the era of robot

Today, 3D printing can be described as very popular, and even 3D printers are out of the lab, began to hit the shelves. However, let's look at 3D printing robot, the robot model is printed by MINGDA customers , infinitely extend and expand other operations. Different from ordinary 3D printer, 3D printing robot running this requires only a flat, horizontal platform, in the case of hot bed of the support structure, it can be print a smooth surface, drape 3D printing materials, and they are "woven" into the desired shape.

Robot model printed by mingda 3d printer
mingda 3d printer, extruded the filament and immediately produced the three-dimensional printing model, which save manpower, and very easy to use, only need to enter the procedure, everything was settled. 

Moreover, the printing speed of MINGDA 3D printer printed robot faster than ordinary 3D printers , simultaneously, 3D printing finished product of the volume , the shape can be described as arbitrary, this is the perfect combination of robotics and 3D printing technology .