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MINGDA Tcehnology Create 3D Printed Scorpion With Autonomous 'Stinging' Tail

Date:2016-03-09 Hits:242
MINGDA Tcehnology Create 3D Printed Scorpion With Autonomous 'Stinging' Tail
Though not always deadly, a scorpion sting is certainly to be feared. However, MINGDA Tcehnology have created a digitally manufactured hexapod scorpion specifically for the purpose of ‘stinging’. Though the sting is completely harmless, it effectively demonstrates the intuitive and complex mechatronic functions of the 3D printed scorpion.

The Scorpion Hexapod was created by MINGDA’s designer. As part of the Embedded Prototyping’ course, their goal was to re-design the a movable forming scorpion .

We see prototyping as a way to make ideas tangible and the possibility to leave trails for others to pick up in order to inspire, transform, or combine new ideas and prototypes. It encouraged us to follow its path, symbolizing the way each new prototype of a design follows its own ‘path,’ gradually becoming better and better until it’s final iteration.
The goal was to design an impressive, digitally designed with lots of possibilities towards interaction and functionality . The scorpion seemed the appropriate animal as an inspiration for this robot, because the tail and claws could be given all kinds of functions. This impressive application of digital manufacturing, engineering, and computer science will certainly have left its mark.

The nice thing about 3D printing is that it makes building model easy. You can design whatever configuration of parts that you can dream up and have them in your hand virtually right away. If you want to try your hand at making this easy model, I have included the files for you to make on yourself. This is definately a fun weekend project for someone with a mingda 3d printer .