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A Few Days To Build!

Date:2016-03-10 Hits:406
A Few Days To Build!
The right to live in comfortable houses, is a "fundamental human rights." of everyone.
According to the International Joint Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), in 2030 in order to meet the world need , about 30 million people have homes, the prediction must daily rate of 96,150 to speed up construction.
3D Printing, Open Source model residential

3D printing house printed by mingda 3d printer

Only need a set of construction tools, allowing you to use the minimum skills and minimum time to build houses. It is "WikiHouse".
Just need to print the printing filament and assemble the parts, we can made up a residence.
London Architects "Architecture 00" young designer oriented team, design and development of this landmark residence.
Since the activities have been developed in 2011, a series of activities has attract government, non-profit groups and the private sector, has also been get the support of  WikiHouse Foundation (WikiHouse Foundation). They focused on high functionality and low price, in order to make further efforts to solve the housing problem.


Inside construction of 3D printing house

WikiHouse designed three dimensional shape of the material, Open Source (open source) is its hallmark. Not only free to download, but you can also use Google 3D modeling software "SketchUp" to edit the data, in accordance with customer requirements to design homes.
If you are ready to design materials with a laser knife (laser processing machine), cut from wood in the beam or wall or the like. No special tools, with the essentials of each puzzle parts combined, assembled roof and floors as well as window frames, and further adding insulation materials and windows, just a few days you can build a home.
Promotion of 3D printing technology, utilization in buildings

In the construction sector as the introduction of 3D printing technology example, in addition to in the Netherlands Amsterdam by 3D print "output" buildings "3D PRINT CANAL HOUSE" is completed, the Italian agency is promoting the construction of WASP with 3d printers. " Delta WASP "development.

Plus these measures, if the popularity of models such as Open residence as Source "WikiHouse" then a lot of people can have a comfortable residence , effective use of resources in various regions, so that residence and climate, environment Adaptation "self produced self-marketing "of the road will be more widely.

It’s forecast that in 2030, the world population will be reach 8.4 billion. In this technique for clues to solve the housing problem of millions of units derived. People are full of hope.