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3D Printing Instruments Play On Stage, There Is No Big Difference With Normal Instrument Sound

Date:2016-03-11 Hits:350
3D Printing Instruments Play On Stage, There Is No Big Difference With Normal Instrument Sound
Olaf Diegel is the engineer and professor of mechanical and electrical design at Massey University in Auckland, New Zealand, for him, 3D printed electric guitar and bass guitar is nothing new. Starting in 2011, Diegel use of laser sintering (SLS) printing technology to exquisitely complex electronic musical instrument, and named "weird guitar." These can not just 3D printed guitar model . Diegel adds a main frame of mahogany or maple, wood neck, bridge, pickup, which makes them completely playable instrument.

Currently, these guitars can be purchased on site of Olaf Diegel, and he recently added two new instruments. From December 3 to 6, Euromold exhibition will be held in Frankfurt, Germany, the four type 3D printing instruments will be showing and playing with “3D printing band” ( the name may also change).

Four instrument, Hive B hive bass guitar, and a steam punk guitar will be equipped with ladybug shape keyboards that are actually Yamaha (Japanese musical instrument brand) P35 Series keyboard, just placing the printed undercarriage in. The instrument "atomic drum" is Sono (Germany instrument brand) Smart Force series as the prototype, the drum shell are 3D printed.

By the following video, we can see these "strange guitar" playing a music quite nice, but we can not tell the difference with ordinary printed musical sound of electronic musical instrument. Perhaps we have not listen to the sound of drums 3D printing issued.

According Diegel said, in fact,there is no big difference between  printed instruments and normal musical instruments. He told Gizmag website in an interview: "I had hoped 3D printed skeleton and voids will change the acoustic properties of the instrument, but the final results have proven that there is not much different between 3D printing instrument and the original musical instrument in the sound "