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3D Printing Arm, 3D printing Teeth!

Date:2016-03-14 Hits:298
3D Printing Arm, 3D printing Teeth!
According to reports, US scientists have successfully operate the printer directly to create a robot arm, so a little girl's arm with disabilities can operate normally. The little girl Emma can not freely do some activities freely from born. Even can not get some thing to eat and hugs by herself.  Two American scientists use 3d printers, “print” a robotic arm for little Emma. They have make some data acquisition for Emma’s arm,  and a print command input 3D printer, 3D printer can produce molded arm, Emma can wear this arm freely with both hands. With the help of the lower arm, Emma can use hands pick up the toys, and eat, but also can hug with her mother.
This “magic arms” pull “3D(three-dimension”) into public view again.
Can print not only arm, but also teeth and alveolar bone

3D printing technology is rapidly "to pry open" the door to medical care, not just print arm, can print teeth. Of the dental implant can not be done in elderly patients, 3D printing alveolar bone is also the current popular applications.

Conference room, with the "tooth diamonds" Team to Germany's participation in the 3D printing "Memory cradle" technology introduction returned Utah doctor is explain 3D printing technology to department colleagues. On the projector screen is the PPT using 3D printing technology for dental implants and alveolar bone. Print "has changed the traditional direct experience with a doctor's diagnosis and treatment practices can now scan the circumstances of your mouth and remaining teeth, get 3D data map, the alveolar bone margin on the model are clearly. For more missing teeth older persons, they use 'memories bracket' repaired, avoid bad raised a squeeze alveolar bone, so that the stent truly seamless, reduce the risk of damage to normal alveolar bone. "Utah doctors,specializing in long-term oral rehabilitation strongly recommend that he attaches great importance to the 3D printing technology.

Subversion dental technology, print the entire mouth teeth alveolar bone recovery
Future dental, 3D printing technology will play a decisive role, this is gradually occur. "The doctor is still a loyal supporter of 3D printing technology, when talk to the technology he was very excited:" 3D printing is the future for the human body directly print active organizations, popular to say, ears, nose, skin, teeth, what is missing what you print , his body will be able to transplant survival, but now those still under study, experimental verification also need to enter a number of years. "

Experts said, 3D printing technology has been actually used in dentistry mature scholars. Although not directly print under active teeth, but using 3D printing technology can wear an external "artificial alveolar" , there is no inflammation of the mouth, only 10 days will be able to recover the teeth. "(3D printing alveolar bone) as to their alveolar inserts a thin layer of edge to protect alveolar bone, solve the problem that alveolar bone atrophy can not do dental. Due to it printing upon customer’s oral 3D data, the ‘memory bracket’ would not be bad, avoid unnecessary suffering, which can not so by transnational way.”