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3D Printing Furniture Renounce The World Splendidly

Date:2016-03-15 Hits:299
3D Printing Furniture Renounce The World Splendidly

3D printing technology, for the lay person might still unfamiliar. But in the industry, 3D printing has caused a sensation. Initially, most people think only print some insignificant "little things", not as much. Recently, however, a French company with Galatians Asia presented their own design 3d printer to print the furniture, it shocked the industry soon when the news came out.

Recently, the "2015 world 3D print technology industry conference and World 3D Printing Technology Exhibition" held in Qingdao International Convention Center. From the United States, Germany, more than 10 countries and regions, 3D printing companies and more than a thousand experts, representatives, hundreds of domestic high-tech enterprises have also come to participate in this event. As we all know, though amazing 3D printing technology it is, but most people think they can only print some "gadget", and according to reports, recently a French company at the Paris exchange system section, showing  their own design plus Galatian Asia 3D printer made furniture.

3D printing technology is a rapid prototyping technology, it is a digital file-based model, the use of plastics and other materials may be bonded by layer by layer stacking technology accumulated way to construct an object (or "laminated shape Law") . In the past it use mold manufacturing, industrial design and other fields are used to make the model, it is now increasingly used for direct manufacturing of some products.

From the appearance of 3D printing furniture to see, the quality of the surface is very uniform, and each layer is very smooth and consistent. These furniture stacked layer by layer forming a circle lines is also very obvious. Although seemingly these lines may affect the aesthetic level furniture, but in the 3D printing process, these lines became part of the design. Designers did not attempt to conceal print furniture lines , but to take full advantage of these lines, and to create a unique and eye-catching furniture. Of course, you can also print the multi-colored furniture. Meanwhile, 3D printing furniture will give a sense of visual impact on us, it can make furniture becomes very three-dimensional, so that the interior design has a strong vitality.

If you do not see the kind, really hard to imagine that the furniture can be printed. But as with all new things, the birth of 3D printing furniture accompanied by aura also been a lot of questioning voice.

It is understood, 3D printing furniture, although this can be print larger objects with very high speed , but its price is very high, and currently it seems no one can buy.