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3D Printing Jewelry is More Extravagant than Global Famous Brand

Date:2016-03-16 Hits:281
3D Printing Jewelry is More Extravagant than Global Famous Brand

It’s nature that all women likes beauty, they like to wear beautiful and fashionable clothes, and dress like a luxury brand jewelry, also like to so a stylish hair and use high-end cosmetics, ect. Therefore, the pursuit of beauty, there is no woman does not love jewelry, necklaces, earrings, rings. But you will still love it when they become the 3D printing jewelry?

Today I would like to introduce a set of 3D printing jewelry by Gorsel, who is the designer from Dutch, he uses 3D printing technology combines 16th-century blue ceramic technology in the Netherlands before they are made from the jewelry, I believe that who wearing the Jewellery will eclipsed than wearing international brand jewelry.

Just need set up the design, models can be printing

3D printing technology, also known as 3D printing, refers can "print" a 3D printing technology real objects, hierarchical processing, forming superimposed increasing material layer by layer to generate 3D entity.  The most prominent advantage of 3D printing technology is that without machining or die, the shape of any object can be generated directly from the computer graphics data, thus greatly shortening the product development cycle, improve productivity and reduce production costs.

"Let's design is more simple, so that designs fingertips of everyone. The private customized so that everyone can afford the price of the public, to fully express creativity and inspiration for young people in China." Ma Liangxing (M-LAB) CEO Bill said. Ma Liangxing (M-LAB), China's first focus on providing the user customize personalized customized online platform, through a combination of industry-leading 3D printing technology to provide all aspects of online jewelry personalized design and customization services.

There is only one step from design to finished product, 3D printing of jewelry production streamline several aspects, greatly reduce production costs. Traditional manufacturing techniques such as injection molding can be mass-produced at a low cost polymer products, and 3D printing technology can be faster, more flexible and more cost-effective way to produce a relatively small number of products. 3D printing technology break through the limitations of traditional jewelry design, lower the threshold for the design and manufacture of products, brings endless possibilities to design .

In addition, with respect to the handmade jewelry, the same high-end private custom, using 3D printing technology can greatly shorten the production cycle, which also solve inventory problem.