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Print With 3D Design Lamps And Vases

Date:2016-03-21 Hits:275
Print With 3D Design Lamps And Vases
On 2nd Sept. designer Martin Zampach show his latest design, a series of wave lampshades and vases, what special is that dynamic wave curve, giving a strong visual impact.

To make the lamps looks more beautiful, Martin are used in 3D printing technology to produce, the choice of the main material is renewable and environmentally-friendly polylactic acid-based composite materials -PLA, PLA has been called bio-plastics, is environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing also not losing creativity. Lampshade wave shape designer takes thought and deliberately blocked LED bulbs, so you hardly see outside, like a semi-enclosed lantern as more humane is also equipped with a heat sink, so do not worry It will be used for a long burn problem.