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3D printed objects that defy traditional manufacturing

Date:2016-03-22 Hits:282
3D printed objects that defy traditional manufacturing
Raditionally, when engineers and artists begin designing models, there have been sets of “rules” that designers had to follow. These design rules of manufacturing prohibited the creation of products with intricate centers, hollowed sections, organic curves and movable, interactive pieces in many instances. Mold manufacturing and machining simply couldn’t create these models, and if they somehow could, the process was contorted and extremely expensive. However, since the implementation of 3D printing, these rules have been bent and broken. Here is an interesting and fun list of ten things created through 3D printing which “defy” the rules of traditional manufacturing.
Gear Models
Prints which can spin and rotate through these “gears” are pretty cool if you ask me! Perhaps other forms of manufacturing could create something similar to this – but this kind of piece isn’t very common.
3D Printed Jewelry
Various pendants like this one are changing the concept of jewelry design. Although I’m not a jeweler, I can promise you that this piece, by Nervous System, would be very difficult to hand carve, and traditional manufacturing would face a tough challenge trying to replicate something similar.

Replicating Art Through 3D Scanning and Printing
3D scanning and then printing objects has been a new trend in the maker movement. Some software allow for the creation of a 3D model just by taking 2-3 pictures, while others require full, traditional scanning. Although other forms of manufacturing might be able to replicate this kind of piece, the trend has clearly been dominated by 3D printing.

3D Printed Bobble Heads
This kind of service is phenomenal, in my opinion, as it speaks for the advancement of truly custom products. Machining can offer custom manufacturing, but it can’t do anything like manufacturing your face on a bobblehead at this level of detail!

The Final Word

3D printing offers various processes for producing models – most of which change the way we can manufacture things. Sophisticated parts and products can be created in hours, as can 100% custom pieces. 3D printing technology directly revolutionizes the way manufacturing takes place, not just by bending the “rules” of design, but by placing the power of creation in the hands of almost anyone who wants it.