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Does 3D Printers Really Need Wi-Fi Function?

Date:2016-03-28 Hits:369
Does 3D Printers Really Need Wi-Fi Function?
Nowadays, a lot of 3d printer brand add Wi-Fi function in 3D printers, I also began think about the Wi-Fi function when this news have applause by many people.Needless to say, the most stable function of 3D printer is the store G-Code file into SD card,  slot into 3D printer,and click print.In addition, many vendors print models in the form of USB cable, but this way need certain requirements to the data transmission.So many users adopt the SD card printing in actual use.

Maybe a lot of people have questions: Isn’t WiFi feature more easier? Actually not.Now, I would like to verify the irrational nature of Wi-Fi function on the 3D printer.

Seemingly tide WiFi-enabled 3D printer
In fact, many companies have tried before to configure Wi-Fi function on the 3D printer, but the Wi-Fi feature and can not attract the public eye. Many users will still deep cross limiting factor 3D printer, such as materials, precision, and even speed. I believe, from a technical level,it’s not difficult to configuration Wi-Fi function on the 3D printer.Many vendors to attract the public eye by WiFi is also not a wise choice.

Just think about that what would be like if 3D bio-printer configure Wi-Fi function?

Imagine, configure Wi-Fi function will look like on the 3D bio-printer? Is 3D printing biological cells need the help of a mobile phone or tablet and other mobile end it? However, it’s a good idea that the mobile phone APP can monitor the implementation of 3D printing.

WiFi function is really useful?
3D printer to perform printing tasks generally in the following ways: card printing, USB connection to print, print an Ethernet connection, Wi-Fi printing. Each print mode has advantages and disadvantages. USB connection print restrict PC and the relative position of the 3D printer. Ethernet connection and Wi-Fi printing printing needs to keep the network in a smooth state. SD Card printing has tedious step, it needs store the G-Code file to the SD card. However, SD card printing is the most stable manner.
Let's talk about the time of 3D print. We know that when the printing precision and printing length is proportional, that is, high precision (low thickness), print time-consuming. For desktop models,the print time need to 1 hour at least, for long, it should need to spent 7 hours or longer. If you use a USB connection or Ethernet cable, you need to fully protect the condition of network and PC side.Therefore, USB connection printing, network printing have many restriction ,the SD card, however, is reduce the limiting factors, only affected by 3D printer.

FDM principle

These are objective factors. Subjectively, on the process of using 3D printers, it should be likeness to use PC side, let alone the tablet or mobile phone. In addition, SD card is not limited by the relative position of the print,so the print more convenient. From the above point of view, Wi-Fi function belongs tasteless,SD card printing is the most sensible choice in terms of bad accuracy and speed up the stage

Improve user experience of 3D printer is the right path
Cool feature gives the user is not necessarily practical, seemingly insignificant change may bring a qualitative change to the user experience. In contrast, the latter is the pursuit of the user. Nowadays, 3D printers, particularly desktop equipment face many problems, such as materials, desktop software, experience and so on, only to face these inevitable problems, find solutions to problems in order to enhance the value of 3D printer, thus achieving universal level of 3D printing equipment .
In terms of material, ABS material, PLA material are recognized by most FDM 3d printer, the presence of certain toxic ABS material, so many manufacturers do not recommend the use of ABS material. So the moment the most used 3d printer material is PLA material. Although many materials has been developed, but due to limited technical or penetration, a lot of material and can not get a good application.
On the software side, a major source 3D models is the modeling software. Many manufacturers design simplicity of desktop control software , only the implementation of the model size, position adjustment function, modeling can not be achieved. In addition, with the cooperation of the 3D Model website, as well as the user selects one of the important factors in this 3D printer. So, 3D printer manufacturers should focus on the development of such software, and even the cooperation of 3D models and various websites.

Nowadays, 3D printer constraints There are many, if confined to insignificant increase in function, that for enhancing the 3D printing technology, and not much help.

Editorial comment:
The reason why WiFi function is tasteless, for the following reasons: First, Wi-Fi wireless connection is not very stable, especially for 3D printing to print such a long time consuming task, Wi-Fi must ensure long time connection. Secondly, Wi-Fi use is not necessarily the end of the implementation of 3D printing, which is a mobile phone, tablet and other devices used to initiate the 3D print less work. Again, 3D printing needs a lot of functions, such as materials, software, etc., to solve one of these flawed work is 3D printer manufacturers need to do.

Currently, many 3D printing vendors to follow 2D route print, configure Wi-Fi function on the 3D printer, but Wi-Fi function is too early for 3D printing, 3D printer manufacturers need the 3D printer software configuration, and start breakthrough technology, in order to improve the full range of 3D printers experience.