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How To Choose An Good 3D Printer?

Date:2016-03-30 Hits:341
How To Choose An Good 3D Printer?
The most important thing for a new who just start join the business of designing is that choose a good 3d printer. From my experience, I would like to give you some suggestions:

There are many people who like compare the parameters and price on the process of buying a 3D printer, but for a new, following several key elements are what we need priority attention:

Ease of use
You can affordable a machine, but the key is to actually apply and use, so as to play the role of practice use. If the 3D printer have high cost but difficult to use, and it requires high profession, the 3D printer is only be idle life. You can concerned from the following aspects: 
Does there have English menu;
Does the 3D printer have touch scree;
The 3D printer can input and output the filament or not, or it can easy to heat;
Does the 3D printer can support spooling.

mingda 3d printer have 3.2in colorful touch screen, support English and Chinese switch interface, and also support offline printing, so the operation is very simple and convenient.

It’s very important to 3D printer for the stability, for it is directly related to the Printing rate. During the purchase, you have verify the stability:

Whether it has stable mechanical structure to ensure the print environment and the modeling effect;
The body is closure design can reduce the external interference.

mingda 3d printer is fully enclosed metal structure, the external and the internal device is separate, so the damage of the outside cover will not affect the inside of the apparatus.

Accuracy determines what level product you can print. The common parameters accuracy of 3D printer is 0.1mm-0.3mm, which representing the 3d printer nozzle diameter, also called the layer thickness. The small thickness, the better model.
MINGDA 3D printer is discard the traditional rods but use a higher precision lsquare rails structure.Dual ball screw to support the Z axis. Take 16mm diameter optical axis,more stable and precise.The layer thickness can up to 0.05mm. 

Compatibility means that the restriction of the use of 3D printing filament.some 3D printer can only use the dedicated filament, so the print cost is very high. And the models can not get more material properties.Muti-material 3D printing is the good performance of the 3D printer, and it’s more convenient to experience 3D printing process and characteristics of different materials.

MINGDA 3D printer compatible with all common filament on the market, and the nozzle degree can reach to 260 degree, can print PLA/ABS/HIPS/Nylon and so on.

After-sales service
You must be know the importance of after-sale service, for many people who just use the 3D printer, and get a little Knowledge of it, they will encounter many trouble, so with the support of the manufacturer, the problem will become simple at soon, and they needn’t spent much money.

MINGDA support lifelong technical support and free technical guidance,7*24 hours online service!

So do you know how to choose a 3D printer now?