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A 11-Year-Old Child Use 3D Printer Restore Broken Lampshade

Date:2016-04-01 Hits:319
A 11-Year-Old Child Use 3D Printer Restore Broken Lampshade

In China, the popularity of 3D printing may still be in its infancy, but has now penetrated into education, have a positive impact, so that students can turn their ideas into reality. Recently, the Chinese well-known companies MINGDA Technology Co.,Ltd 3D education courses Services exposed something interesting: Shenzhen, a 11-year-old school pupils Yuanyuan (a pseudonym) by means of a 3d printer manufacturer lampshade, successfully resolved a family embarrassment.

"This is my fifth time to design model, then use the 3D printer to print. This broke porcelain lampshade in my home, I wanted to apologize directly with my parents, but I want to do one new by myself, I drawing with 3D lessons learned in the school, and print the shade by 3D printer, although as not beautiful as before,My mom did not blame me and encouraged me!” Yuanyuan told me.

Yuanyuan is not the only example,3D printing is helping many children realize their ideas, but also an indispensable part in education. It is reported that more and more schools at home and abroad now offer 3D printing units education courses, and through a number of innovative classroom activities to inspire students to create a love of nature,so that they can become more extent children with more practical ability.This is another picture of the future of education.

And we understand that the country has a number of 3D printing enterprises and schools for in-depth exploration of how to better carry out 3D Creative Education. MINGDA was carry out the 3D printing Lessons, and develop a set of education teaching program which is suitable for students, to help schools develop innovation education classroom. Yuanyuan was takes this 3D modeling software to create a shade model, the software interface is very concise, powerful, and easy to use, is very suitable for primary and secondary children to open their mind,and quick to express ideas and creative, and print what they want.Future 3D Creative Education is bound to become increasingly popular, so that students learn, play, practice, get continuous motivation and passion.