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MINGDA 3D Printer Detonated SIMM

Date:2016-04-05 Hits:440
MINGDA 3D Printer Detonated SIMM

The 2016 17th Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition(SIMM) was hold on the last week. We found that as the largest and influential international manufacturing exhibition in the South China,  SIMM has become the “Weathervane” to observe the manufacturing sector at home and abroad. There was have 9 large exhibition hall,and the exhibition area of 110,000 square meters, nearly 1,000 Chinese and foreign exhibitors carry their products for exhibition. In Hall 6, we can saw that 3D printing equipment have appeared, many participants as well as MINGDA 3D printer gather to watch the 3d printer, showing a strong interest,the entire exhibition hall were very crowd.

Many participants visit mingda 3d printer

In hall 6, domestic and foreign companies exhibited 3D printing equipment, but many do 3D print service platform on display. We see a large industrial-grade 3D printers and ordinary desktop 3D printer. In the midst of the crowd, we see the first showcase Shenzhen MINGDA Technology Co., Ltd. the crowd lingers long polyethylene, attracting exhibitors have gathered to watch both live print MINGDA 3D printer, including the elite of the automotive industry, the advertising industry, mold , and other medical equipment and education in all sectors ; Guangzhou tower, gears and more people excavator model mingda 3d printer is quite popular, have their pictures taken.

Participations are showing their interest of MINGDA 3D printer

In the display process, MINGDA staff will tell you about: print model related matters, such as gears and excavator is a molding, Guangzhou Tower is four minutes after printing stitching, without any treatment after grinding out the model, color also supplies its own color, print speed and accuracy are adjustable. MINGDA 3D printer has played a huge role in the early time of product design. In the early time, the designers can use 3D printer to determine the final shape, and faster the production, thus make the profits.More and more companies are beginning to purchase 3D printer or print the component directly. The professional explained that: “3D printed parts are directly applied to industrial production, and skip the molding stage have unique advantages not only on the time but also money. Also the parts production location is also very flexible, which can achieve dispersion. The most important is that it improving strength, lightweight, grid structure much higher than with conventional machined parts . Therefore, 3D printing spare parts will increasingly applied in all fields, not just to stay on the prototype or sample development.”

Some foreigners come to our booth

Promotion and application of domestic 3D printing technology is still in its infancy, both industrial applications, or personal consumption exist broad prospects for development. 3D printing applications more widely, penetrate into education, health care, military, toys, architecture, art, unmanned aerial vehicles and other industries, product designers are known as product design "auxiliary artifact." MINGDA 3D printer on industry point of view, from the individual consumer to the entire industrial manufacturing 3D printing industry chain there is a huge potential for development. The theme of the show we believe that 3D printing to create intelligent plant, advanced manufacturing, to change the future.