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What Business Can We Do With 3D Printer in 2016?

Date:2016-04-06 Hits:429
What Business Can We Do With 3D Printer in 2016?

Past two years, 3D printing technology matures, gradually parity of machinery and equipment, various forms of "3d printer" sweeping across the world, related technology and creative invention abound. This is a trend not only began to affect the various industries manufacturing model, slowly with the lives of the general public association. Then, in 2016, what business can we do with 3D printer in 2016? MINGDA staffs done some interesting analysis:

1.Supply 3D printing material or provide design services

To complete 3D Printing need prepare print filaments and print files, with the number of use 3D printer is increasing, the needs of raw material and model design is larger than before. So we can do this field business, supplying 3D print martial, or providing design service and offering training institutions.
2016 will be the emergence of new 3D printing material so as to expand the application field of 3D printing, 3D printing technology is accelerating and more people or business use.
MINGDA 3D print Filament
2.Print small crafts by 3D printer
As long as you have enough creativity, 3D printer can print a personalized phone shell and a fine lamp. In this new era, growing evidence shows us that there is a demand for the users are willing to spent money on niche products.
Now we don’t need to find the right crafts in the boutique, or haven’t pursuit the monotony goods. So we can know that there’s no need require a significant mold, and no need start the machine only reach a certain amount of order, or if the design is not suitable for the designer’s need.It is a good opportunity for entrepreneur, if there have enough creatives, sophisticated, or first-class manufacturing process, then it will form a small market monopoly.

3D Printing crafts

3, Old goods spare parts print by 3D printer

Not everyone flocking to the iPhone, not everyone use Nokia like hammer. like Nokia in the market, this product has become extinct, not only didn’t after-sales warranty service, but is still a problem for looking for right spare parts. But this is absolutely not a problem for 3D printing practitioners, no matter how old the product, as long as a product design documents, can be manufactured to meet user demand for the product, and not subject to quantitative restrictions. There is business, we can provide custom printing services for these customers.

3D Printing phone spare parts

4. vertical meet specific requirements of the electricity supplier

It is estimated that the market size in 2012 3D printer for $ 1.7 billion , in 2016 to reach $ 3.7 billion, while accessories of 3D printing equipment, assembly and after-sales service will also form a corresponding huge market. A segment specifically for 3D printing electronic business platform users and vertical markets, the technology must be developed to a certain stage of maturity product, who early foothold in this field, who is likely to derive an unprecedented big opportunity.

5. The professional community to create a platform
Promotion and popularity of a technology can not do without a high-quality active community support, 3D printing is also true. 3D printing is now in its infancy, only to allow more users to join in, can provide a technical support and discussions to buy the online community, and to organize activities under the valuable line, it will form a mature professional community, not only can promote the development of the 3D printing market and in order to achieve gains. 3D printing technology is likely to be a node in the history of technological development, although now it is a "third industrial revolution" still too early, however, to print a successful aircraft, the house and the car like the news has made we see the potential of this technology and the market.
6. Copyright promising business
Many people say that 3D printing is a biggest hidden dangers for copyright, many people are not optimistic about the reason why 3D printing technology, it is important because of its design copyright issues involved. If a standard product, then, it is not a problem, but not just for the big companies, including Apple applied for a design patent and other parts, many small companies also has a related patent.

Even for ordinary users, the need for 3D printing must obtain component manufacturers design documents and authorization, but for most people, this is an extremely complicated process, then, for 3D printing entrepreneurs whether it can intervene? By manufacturers cooperation, established a relatively complete design documentation and authorization platform, to provide users with adequate convenience.