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3D Printer Become An Educational Enlightenment Tool

Date:2016-04-07 Hits:330
3D Printer Become An Educational Enlightenment Tool
Today, the price of children's products on the market is very high, it is because parents’ psychological willing, especially in therm of toys, always increasing diverse, rapid lock the children’s eyes. However, some parents also show frustration and exclusion psychological for the growing number of toys, because they always buy and piles, spent money like water, and home is just like the toys garbage dump.

At the moment, 3D printing technology in the manufacture of toys can be described as invincible hand. It can do anything, no matter the clever toys or monster-like, 3d printer can do it, and 3D  printing able to customization, which reducing unnecessary accumulation. Recently, a female passenger designed a children’s house, for considering her two-year-old nephew can play all kinds of education toys.
Digital graphics combined with the Smart house
She was feel very happy when she become an aunt, because the family add a small angel. She will bring some treats, toys and so on to her nephew if she back from working, however, she is always be confused when she choosing toys, and thus waste a lot of time, even get a loss. Now, she need no longer has to bother them, as a 3D record, she can use 3D printing technology to design toys for her nephew.
Removable assembly Smart house
The 3D printing Smart house, have graphics, and digital and clock, can easily recognized graphics and digital by children, when they delivery the digital to small house, they can train children to understand a corresponding relationship; there is a function to understand the clock on the side of the house, which can teach them the concept of time. This wisdom house is printed by mingda 3d printer, all components can be disassembled and assembly. Wherein the small house and accessories used four colors of PLA material, namely blue, yellow, orange, red, and color combinations. According to a German psychologist with a full three-year search result, it can train children’s education.

We can see from this work that the aunt would like to train the puzzle of her nephew, every work is designed very careful, which bring the joy and awareness.