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3D Print Portrait Becoming Popular

Date:2016-04-08 Hits:318
3D Print Portrait Becoming Popular
With the development of 3d printing technology, more and more people want to print unique “theirselves” with advanced 3D printing technology. Although the price of 3d printing portraits frequently hundreds, but still could not withstand the enthusiasm of people.
Unlike photography, before shoot 3D photos, we certainly must prepare the ground Raiders. Small science about: 3D Portrait Printing is a rapid prototyping technology. First with the advanced 3D body scanners to scan the body, be computer modeled after obtaining data, and then using a special 3d printers and materials to produce a realistic 3D character model. It sounds very "High-end" , recently, a customer from Lebanon sent MINGDA staff a photos of 3D printing portraits, which is printed by mingda Glitar 4C 3D printer.


3D Print Portrait by MINGDA Glitar 4C 3D printer

From the picture, we can hardly see this 3D print portrait is made by the customer who have no experience in 3D printing, or 3D scanning. But in the context of zero-based 3D printing experience, he work hard and pass a series of self-study of 3D printing and scanning lessons, as well as painting, color. The final Model have been appeared.


3D Print Portraits

Since its opening 200 years ago, Madame Tussauds has been a hotbed of activity, attracting millions of visitors. After Shanghai become the world's sixth Madame Tussauds Block settled, every year there are many people would like to see star "hosting the Games," the countless tourists, want have theirselves figures.

Right now, MINGDA technology will be able to meet this vision. People do not have to go to Shanghai but can only see wax, but with mingda 3d printers and 3D scanners can get your own body portrait model.

3D printing, also known as three-dimensional printing, is the use of powdered metal or plastic material which can be bonded, through layer after layer of a multilayer printing method, print the three-dimensional model. We can shape your whole body scan to a computer, then 3D color printing can print out the 3D version Portrait model. Portrait true extent of no less Tussauds wax, 3D printing and production time considerably less than the previous model portrait handmade.
Use a scanner to acquire data, then 3D modeling, Print. A three-dimensional “Picture” will be done.