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3D Printers Fast Change the Product Design And Development

Date:2016-04-11 Hits:352
3D Printers Fast Change the Product Design And Development
Last year, iPhone6S phone came out, many domestic and foreign friends have all their own choice for his beloved cell phone protective cover, which is undoubtedly the most impressive is the 3D printing mobile phone shell, 3D printing phone shells can be personalized custom, also play a protective role, the can decorate cell phone, reflected in the user's personal taste.

3D Print Phone Case
In recent years, mobile phone brands and features increases diversified, and the price of the civilian population, users increasingly common, especially in younger age groups, almost every fashion of young people want to have a unique phone, One way to show them mobile beauty gradually became personal, phone shell to take this opportunity to prevail. To cater to this trend, mobile phone manufacturers have this type of case arises, especially in Shenzhen area.


3D Print phone Case

Although mobile phone manufacturers to launch a large number of shell workmanship, color patterns more unique , which allows more diversified type of mobile phone shell, but many   phone shell manufacturers are generally programmed in advance so that designers of several paragraph, or even hundreds of different styles of mobile phone shell elect to do Shouban proofing, from which elected to do the mold, the final production of the phone shell is through a mold to make the finished product. A series of complex procedures for such manufacturers are according to the traditional mode of production, which waste of time, the high cost and long product development cycle, is not conducive to dominate the market.

3D printing technology applications in many fields has tended to mature, the small pieces of products, particularly, the primary factor is the small items on accuracy requirements. At present, there is a breakthrough of the type and performance compared to conventional 3d printer, like on the 3D printer manufacturer from Shenzhen MINGDA Technology developed and product 4 different 3D printers, accuracy and performance, size, speed have their own merits.

For mobile phone manufacturers, undoubtedly, 3D printer is good production tool. 3D printer can be print phone shell by designer, you can see the actual effect of mobile phone shell, there is no bifurcation problems between product designers and mold Figure personnel; of course, in the production of products for large customers, but also can reduce the risk; in accordance with the traditional model, finished products need large mold production, if the customer does not accept that the basic mold scrapped, it will causing unnecessary waste. However, using a 3D printer, without mold, do not do hand, the direct use of 3D printer designed to print out the results, such as customer satisfaction, and then mold production, greatly reduce the risk.
Compared with the traditional mode of product development, it will shorten at least two-thirds time of use the 3D printer to develop products, and greatly improve product iterative cycle, which has a great help to dominate the market.. On the level of confidentiality and costs to achieve a certain effect, you may no longer need the help of the development company's product design, using the 3D printer for internal training directly

  3D printing phone shells

Indeed, the phone shell manufacturers can use 3D printers produce products to meet the different needs of customers, can not only be part of prototyping, 3D printers can also be used to participate in every aspect of production, such as fine accessories, packaging, mingda 3d printer's high-precision 3D printing device can be tailored.