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Like Selling The Expression,Tthe Use of 3D Printing in The New Products Mod

Date:2016-04-12 Hits:346
Like Selling The Expression,Tthe Use of 3D Printing in The New Products Mod

"Oh, you buy this stuff in Ikea , right?" With IKEA, Muji such a name, and now we do not have to wade mountaineering can find cheap and reliable household items, but we also use Some large-scale production of glass, shelves, tables and chairs. Honestly these companies design and not really bad, but over time, highly standardized commodity inevitably feel boring.

We may not be the designer, but we are in line with its own aesthetic values. We do not design a chair, but pick out a satisfactory actually not too difficult. Even so, if we need to say the design of a product is not satisfactory , the average consumer can be tells. So, with the help of 3D printing and software, can we improved the things into reality, that gives us “Transformation design” ability?

3D games have a variety of Mod, Japanese design team Takt Project tries to show us a new 3D printing Mod: You see, this is a price of 50 RMB alarm clock, Muji produced. It is simple, durable, but you may feel it lacks a trace of Reiki. OK, How about plus an orange holder? Or several files folder box by a simple modification, into bookshelves. A translucent plastic pencil boxes, can easily be converted into a minimalist design chandeliers.

There are many similar Mod, but all the realization through 3D printing. This is the latest design concepts of Takt Project, through 3D printing to produce a wide range of accessories, expanding on standardized commodities.

Takt Project believes, 3D printing technology is universal, but the current consumption level of 3D printing to produce a comparable texture from a distance, as well as the standardization of commodities. But we can still through 3D printing to produce a simple accessory for standardized commodities transformation.

This is to explore a new model, that is, as the popularity among large manufacturers and consumers of consumer 3D printing, whether spawned a new layer of intermediate relationship - Simply put, in the near future, design team may be able combine software (design solutions) and hardware (consumer's home 3d printer) to provide consumers with a "commodity transformation" solution. Like our mobile phone theme or chat software, like custom emoticons, the design team at a low price offer rehabilitation programs of conventional products to consumers.

The personalized consumer products, mobile phones are no longer restricted to cover such products, home furniture, lamps can become more personalized program through third-party solutions. Even through 3D printing capabilities of some commodities will change, for example, some extra cups by 3D printing to become the most distinctive hand bags. DIY, will usher in a new level.