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The Latest MINGDA 3D Printer Has Been Unveiled And It Has Been Wowing Canton Fair

Date:2016-04-23 Hits:360
The Latest MINGDA 3D Printer Has Been Unveiled And It Has Been Wowing Canton Fair

Recently, the world's leading electronic machinery exhibition - the first phase exhibition of the119th Spring Canton Fair ended in 19th April, the exhibition demonstrates to the industry and users of the most cutting-edge technology and innovative cool future products, from which we can see on the future development of electronic products trend. As a global integrated 3D digital application service provider, MINGDA was invited to participate in this feast of science and technology, the new 3d printers also upcoming public view for the first time exposure, Tyrant gold appearance quickly attracted domestic and foreign participants and onlookers asked.

At this gathering of many high-tech products exhibition, MINGDA quickly gained a lot of attention by it’s unconventional virtue 3D printer, a few minimalist design 3D printer is kept running, excellent user experience eligible frequent praise. The most striking is the new 3D printer not list on the brochure, fantastic styling in luxury gold color, metallic and light, get out of the heavy shackles of the old model and reflect a light element fashion trend. The model NO. Is MD-16, is a wisdom 3D printer perfectly combine the “smart”, “convenience” and “High precision”, will bring a better user experience. Such innovative design prowess, attracted participants gathered to watch and ask.


During the show, according to enthusiastic high-end design, and the positive answer of MINGDA staffs, many exhibitors been attracted and ask. Not only with the introduction of the use of 3D printers, some customers also buy our 3D printers on the spot, build long-term business relationship.

Shenzhen MINGDA Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, far as I know, at present our products force on  the desktop industrial grade 3D printer FDM technology, its "Glitar series" 3D printer as the popular on the market, since 2012, gradually played reputation at home and abroad and well received by consumers.
As a 3D digital ecological builders of a new era, MINGDA is truly a "technical paranoid" over the years insist on manufacture high precision 3D printing only, and is committed to creating excellent user experience integrated programs; at the same time, I believe the future MINGDA also develop toward multi-functional, intelligent, integrated, large unified trend, its self-developed series of 3D printing equipment already gained a lot of recognition on the industry, and the exposure of the new machine, could be the next market the most unique new products, leading a new wave of 3D printing trend.
 In recent years, 3D printers get more and more attention of consumers, compared to heavy industrial machines, desktop-level 3D standby occupy more than 70% share, and went into the field of product-aided design and medical education in the field of aviation, and gradually become a popular consumer goods. It is predicted that by 2016 China 3D printer market will expand to 100 billion yuan, 10 times in 2012. By then, China will surpass the US as the world's largest 3D printer market.

As China's leading brand of 3D printers, MINGDA cloud services industry to a new chapter to innovation and technology opens 3D intelligent . In the future, MINGDA will increase research and development efforts, is committed to introduce more practical 3D printer, promote the development of Chinese science and technology, make 3D printing technology bring convenient to more businesses and individuals .