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3D Printer Is Applied To Glass Art

Date:2016-04-25 Hits:344
3D Printer Is Applied To Glass Art
Isn’t make an impression that 3d printer can print glass? Yes, now the 3D Printer can print glass, which is no longer as print models.

This glass 3D printing technology invented by Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT), the technology is said to use an optically transparent glass is used for highly accurate 3D printing, and can provide transparency and color, thickness and other printing options.

3D printing as a new form of production, has been get widespread concern corporate and individual users. However, the material is limited to plastic and metal still seems to have limitations, but this will soon be changed. MINGDA client is currently working on 3D printing technology research and development in the field of glass, and can be applied successfully tested the glass industry, means that the 3D printing industry will usher in a new innovation.

The figure is the product printed by 3D printer, is it beautiful? It looks like a hand-blown glass Artworks .

So the question is that what kind of printer can you print glass? MINGDA "Series 3D" 3D printers can achieve your needs,  including Glitar 4C, Glitar 5C, Glitar 6C 3D printer. For more information, please visit the official website or by MINGDA employees .