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3D Printing Repair Cultural Relics

Date:2016-04-26 Hits:375
3D Printing Repair Cultural Relics
3D printing technology has important significance in the recovery and preservation of historical and cultural aspects, to restore the heritage of authenticity, recording these relics have suffered disaster in history, which effectively avoiding the historical memory of mankind is denied.
3D Printing Technology restore cultural relics 
All along, the protection of cultural relics has plagued archeology, heritage as a non-renewable resources, once destroyed, it will no longer exist, such as Xi'an Terracotta Warriors, unearthed just when the bright color, lifelike facial expressions, and now had lost just unearthed style, weathered, bright color disappeared bleak as Wong.
They often encounter a variety of problems when archaeologists rescue damaged tombs, when on the Mawangdui archaeological excavations carried out on the worship Lane lotus root and other ingredients, to maintain the original appearance, may shortly after carbonized. There are faint Hou Xi Hanhai tomb, do not know the inside of millet, melon seeds is not had the same experience.

Compared to these grave goods, coffin tomb remains instantly disappear archeology is more regret. In the early 1980s, Maanshan found Mama Division Three Wu Zhu Ran family tombs, because of the limited scientific and technological level, but also brutally tombs earlier excavation. Zhu Ran's body was not saved in time down the moment "ashes" melt in the tomb of the soil. It was one of the top ten archaeological discoveries domestic, but left the eternal regret!