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MINGDA 3D Printer Approached BOSCH

Date:2016-04-26 Hits:353
MINGDA 3D Printer Approached BOSCH
3D printing has been called the third industrial revolution in technology by experts, "3D printing is indeed more suitable for small-scale manufacturing, especially high-end customized products, such as auto parts manufacturing. While the primary material is plastic, the future more and more material will certainly be applied to 3D printing , "said Crump, 3D printing technology has entered the dentist, jewelry, medical industry, the scope of the future will be more widely applicable.

Recently, one of Germany's largest industrial companies, Robert Bosch buy our 3d printers and 3D filament for use. Bosch for its innovative leading-edge products and system solutions world-famous, presumably the Applied mingda 3d printer can bring their boundless innovation and surprises.

Bosch, since entering the China market, Bosch China will continue to introduce advanced technologies and solutions to China, and participated in a series of Chinese major projects. Today, Bosch technologies in innovation, the technical load life, Bosch use 3D printing technology to create a more perfect product, today, Shenzhen MINGDA Technology Co., Ltd.bring its exclusive research and developed 3D printers and advanced technology into the Bosch .

The following is the picture of MINGDA colleagues to training Bosch staffs:


MINGDA Staff is training Bosch employees use mingda 3d printer

Under the leadership of MINGDA staff, Bosch employees test MINGDA 3D machine and print models, the effect of praise, express MINGDA products and standardized to meet their requests for cooperation, and expressed the intention of strategic cooperation.

Since the full liberalization of foreign trade channels, the Shenzhen MINGDA Technology Co., Ltd. get tremendous support from domestic and foreign customers. We also believe that with the 3D printing technology development and innovation, MINGDA will continue to be keep the attitude of rigorous research and development, continue to provide quality products and friendly service and meticulous, continues to lead the industry a good reputation.