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MINGDA Italy Customer Homemade 3D Printing Bicycle Frames

Date:2016-04-28 Hits:349
MINGDA Italy Customer Homemade 3D Printing Bicycle Frames
This is a riding bike printed by mingda 3d printer, which can riding by people. It is using PLA material, the strong level can be comparable to steel and aluminum materials, but the weight is lighter than them almost 65%. 3d printers are being used to revitalize the US manufacturing sector.

Recently, the Spanish customers print the bicycle frame with mingda 3d printer. He designed the bike on the computer and use the 3D printer to print. The printing process is to Fuse the PLA filament,  upon use 3D printer piled layer principle, and finally "stuffing" as a bicycle. One-piece structure, wheels, bearings and axles are manufactured in the printing process. In accordance with the requirements of consumers to print, without adjustment, in addition to this bike without the need for repair or assembly. This approach allows the 3D printing to use PLA, in addition to carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum, bamboo, can be used as the main material of the frame of the bicycle. Through 3D printing, they can design their own bike size, to achieve the best rider effect.

Currently, some 3D printing 3D printing sites and communities have the bike CAD blueprint, so some friends can have a try.