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Beautiful Bride Accessories Print by 3D printer

Date:2016-04-29 Hits:301
Beautiful Bride Accessories Print by 3D printer
Another year of spring, nature always bring people endless inspiration, with science and technology, people are better able to discover the beauty of nature. Designer Kasia Wisniewski use 3D printer, to show their the freedom design style, using natural elements of her beloved heart, such as branches, leaves and flowers of the most important, her natural inspiration into stunning bridal accessories.

Wisniewski works have been described as "very feminine", she moved to the wedding to bring the extraordinary emotional significance, and therefore choose to engage in wedding design. Wisniewski also hope that more women participate in the design by 3D printer, because this is still a male-dominated field, even with 3D printing design bridal jewelry. Next, lets together to enjoy those fresh works!

Don't they look beautiful?

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