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Use 3D Printing Technology To Print Chair Part

Date:2016-05-03 Hits:274
Use 3D Printing Technology To Print Chair Part

The cost of 3D printing technology is becoming more and more cheap, and the operation is becoming more and more easy. It has been widely used, but there are limitations of use: print objects must be limited to the print space. Existing commercial systems using manual segmentation methods, but how should we can do? If your chair have a problem, how can you do? To throw away or print the parts to repair it?

One of MINGDA customers print the chair holder by using 3D printing technology. Because the chair is always wavering, it’s very easy to wrestling, so he decided to use CAD software to make model, and following by a series of slices and print, the scaffold components have been completed.

After test, we found that the chair holder printing by 3D printing technology is really perfect, and the model will not deform due to the uneven cooling effect or the weight.