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3D Printed Prosthetic is Dazzling And Cheap

Date:2016-05-04 Hits:272
3D Printed Prosthetic is Dazzling And Cheap
How important of achieve more economical manufacturing of prosthetic limb, just take into account the United States alone 2 million amputees, but also to carry out amputations 185,000 cases per year.However, in addition to the price, many amputees think aesthetics are also important. Previously, we have repeatedly reported eNable this open community, they print prosthetic hand and arm in the 3D aspects has been made remarkable achievements.

Industrial designers think, outdated and flawed process led to the current market prices are high and ugly appearance of prosthetic products. Based on 3D printing technology, not only provides a low cost solution for amputees, but appearance is also very beautiful.
However, just like real limbs as prostheses require everyone is different, need for customized solutions. By 3D scanning, 3D modeling and 3D printing final combined has established a set of new prosthetic customization process.

Now, 3D printing is very popular, is a revolutionary manufacturing technology, the future develop  can replace percentage of traditional manufacturing, which is controversial. 3D printing to bring "low-volume personalized" mode of production is viable. With the improvement of people's living standards and the rich material life, people's individual requirements will be increasingly high, this is the inevitable trend of development. Consumer demand for customization are more intense, 3D printing will have more markets.