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Interesting News: 3D Print Bottle

Date:2016-05-05 Hits:313
Interesting News: 3D Print Bottle

3D Print technology continues to bring us surprises, in addition to the latest technology of 3D printing house and human organs, it is also to be applied to 3D printing works in our daily lives.Today I would like to share the 3D print bottle models.

The model is finished by one of MINGDA customers, who is the bottle supplier and provide the STL file to print, it’s only need one set 3d printer and a roll filament. Just few hours printing, a perfect model will print complete without any modification and polish or color.
Now, more and more industries are applied to the 3D printer, the technology development is very fast, it can be accessed through a variety of creative models 3D printer to print. So come on, friend, just contact with MINGDA staff to oder your 3D printer.