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In May, MINGDA Usher In A New Peak

Date:2016-05-06 Hits:341
In May, MINGDA Usher In A New Peak
In China’s Youth Day, MINGDA welcome in customers from various countries, including Saudi Arabia, Germany and Chinese customers. The arrive of customers is enough to show the influence in 3D Technology of MINGDA Technology is becoming more and more deep, in the 3D printing industry, MINGDA can be described as a industry leader, both in service and technology, and in all aspects. We have been recognized and praised by domestic and foreign customers.

In the next 5 to 10 years, with advances in technology and the expansion of market demand, 3D printing will show the development trend of three aspects: First, with the pioneering parallel and the manufacturing process for multi-material, 3D printing speed and efficiency expected greater promotion; Second, with the continuous development of advanced materials, smart materials, nano-materials, new polymeric materials, synthetic biomaterials have become 3D printing materials, printing materials more diverse; Third, with technological advancement and application, 3D printing equipment prices are expected to decline.

We have reason to believe, when the 3D printing encounter intelligent manufacturing , from shoes, glasses, kitchen utensils, automobile and other products can be produced with a 3d printer, a subversive manufacturing revolution is happening soon. We just look forward to the arrival of the era of 3D printing. MINGDA - China 3D printing pioneer, specializing in integrated global service provider of 3D printing technology.