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3D Printing Buddha Statues

Date:2016-05-10 Hits:349
3D Printing Buddha Statues
Since the advent of 3D printing technology and It’s slowly gaining in popularity, many people began to go in this direction to make a series of innovation and development, such as printing musical instruments, toys, and now even many complex sculptures can easily make out. Not long ago, a Chinese customers of MINGDA design and print a Oriental Buddha image by Glitar 5C 3d printer, creating a series of new Buddha statue and get praise.

The statue is to use the Buddha's body, and use natural color PLA filaemt to print, then paint color to made the perfect Buddha.

I believe, in the future as technology continues to evolve and improve, more and more creative  attractive models through 3D printer can be achieved, as long as we play to their imagination can achieve.