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3D Printing Door Push Plate Model

Date:2016-05-11 Hits:314
3D Printing Door Push Plate Model

3d printing, "the idea of the last century, the technology of the last century, the marketof this century" is known as the new technology in recent years swept the world. Due to the limitations of materials and printing equipment, it is difficult to universal coverage. But many reporters from some recent industry conference found that many new products have emerged on the 3d printer, but not the whole product printing, but the details of the application of 3d printing, involving clothing accessories, shoe, kitchen appliances, and other fields.

Custom 3d personality- Door Push Plate

Instant freeze beautiful journey, a happy wedding, homey photo ...... these elements are likely to become the future of home design elements. One of MINGDA client use Glitar 6C 3D printer to print the door,either from the texture, or the color of the model is very delicate.

This 3D model that can break through the limitations of the traditional design furniture in door color and the overall shape changes , so that customers love pattern into the door appearance, more personalized and unique. Not only in the design of the door, more furniture such as kitchen utensils, vases, ornaments, personalized design can be done by using the printer.