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3D Print Unmanned Aircraft is Less Than 24 Hours, And The Production Cost is Very Low

Date:2016-05-13 Hits:332
3D Print Unmanned Aircraft is Less Than 24 Hours, And The Production Cost is Very Low
3D printing is a hot topic today, it also allows the public to catch up from the position of the increasing popularity of relatively inexpensive household level, kayaking to furniture and even food can be produced by 3D printing. Recently, a 3D printing UAV has come out.

A team of engineers from the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in Britain successfully through 3D printing to produce an unmanned aircraft, more than that, the entire printing process only took less than 24 hours, and only use ABS plastic as the basic material , the production cost is very low, but the team did not disclose specific costs.

Currently, the UAV is a glider mode, however, developers are continuing to develop, adding electric turbo fan propulsion system to better control the machine and increase the control range. In addition, the plan will also be developed within the GPS system and video control systems.

Cause speed of the entire production process is so fast, of course, the key to print the UAV costs is that melt into the plot modeling techniques, which produce nine parts together with thermoplastics, which are two wings, two a elevons, two sail masts, two wing end fences, and in the middle of the ridge machine, the whole without any support structure. Team members think they can make the UAV design has many uses, especially as a disposable single-use way, carry out investigations or search for work.

Of course, the immediate need to print these UAVs need a 3d printer as well as print materials basis first, it seems very complicated. However, there are special tasks with the printer and some plastic better than directly with a completed good machine, you can print anytime, spending less than 24 hours, is particularly convenient when you need to perform, do not worry about the finished product during transport damage.