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3D printed earrings ---Small Image also can printed very exquisite

Date:2016-05-20 Hits:295
3D printed earrings ---Small Image also can printed very exquisite
3D printing earrings

"3D print" The word has spread in the media, but because technology is not mature enough, not so wide range of popular, now has a 3D print products or flaunt a little under, maybe later on into a heritage of it. Look at these small jewelry 3D print it, and yet simple design sense, especially in the 20th May (520) the special day, with 3D printing technology to create a stylish and creative Valentine's Day gift.

     MINGDA customers chose --3D earrings.

     Following photos is a set of earrings, the shape of the space interleaving curve. First by 3D printing mechanism earrings the shape, this needn’t color them. If you need, you can also color.

     "For such a varied and complex3D modeling earrings , the general manufacturing process extremely difficult, 3D printing is a good way to do." MINGDA technical siad, the design is simple, but if they send several print to his girlfriend, she must be very happy.