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MINGDA 3D Printer - Adds new lighting members

Date:2016-05-23 Hits:343
MINGDA 3D Printer - Adds new lighting members
A night light often give us infinite warmth, regardless of the baby's "Night Life", or a romantic dinner or a couple, a small delicate nightlights filled with irreplaceable importance, night market has commonplace nothing new, but 3D printing environmentally delicate lighting but has another flavor.

3D technology is to promote industrialization and informatization "two" deep integration engine, is the driving force to promote industrial upgrading and independent innovation, industry competition focus of national competition for high ground. In 3d printer widely used today, MINGDA’s innovation and exploration, mingda 3d printers is now widely bring into the lighting industry. China is another major lighting companies are now introducing mingda 3d printer.