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MINGDA 3D printing, to join us

Date:2016-05-25 Hits:366
MINGDA 3D printing, to join us
It’s the middle of the year, more and more people know 3D printing , 3D printing technology is also get more praise and use, it is estimated that the global 3D printing industry compound growth rate of 27% in 2020, 3D global market size of up to $ 21.2 billion, a huge space for the development of 3D printing industry.

Currently 3D printing technology has seven basic types, namely: material melt extrusion FDM, adhesive spray 3DP, material droplet ejection, pink tile material melts, direct energy deposition LENS, thin material superimposed LOM, photosensitive resin tile SLA.

From the 1990s to the present 30 years, 3D printing from the beginning used in the automotive and aerospace manufacturing, to be applied to the medical industry in recent years, to jewelry, construction, education, even our large pieces of furniture areas are involved in the more advent-grade technology.

MINGDA ushered in a European customers to join in 3D Printing technology, such European countries that advanced countries, 3d printers have already started using this time, will surely be loved by customers.

Future, the 3D printing technology,only combine personalized, complex, large-scale and difficult features of traditional manufacturing, bulk, fine combined with manufacturing technology, information technology, materials technology, in order to continue to promote 3D Print technology innovation and development in the furniture manufacturing industry.