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Lets enjoy musical journey by 3D Printing together with MINGDA!

Date:2016-05-26 Hits:336
Lets enjoy musical journey by 3D Printing together with MINGDA!
If I haven’t tell you the picture is 3D printing stereo box, will you know it? Yes, the model is the customer of MINGDA STL file proof model. A good sound can a song sounds to the limit, but often will be a conventional stereo echo affects the sound, so sound quality is greatly reduced, or even distorted.

Echo sound reflections to the back of the Speaker box, after a rebound, and sound signals emitted sound together, which will result in sound distortion. Replace the traditional sound of the back down, manufacturing 3D printing technology to solve a sound echo rebound.

With the help of MINGDA , with multi-material 3d printers --- Glitar 6C 3D printer produced a speaker box,the model details all finished in a very good job. 3D printing technology has given the designers greatly facilitated, it makes complex internal structure of this sound easier to build. 


MINGDA technician explained: "3D printing technology more quickly make me can understand the configuration of different materials and different geometries bring acoustic response so that ultimately determine the most appropriate sound print material and shape.The traditional manufacturing technology can not achieve such freedom design, it can not provide such a rapid molding time. "

MINGDA employees said, in order to guarantee its integrity, the model is a print molding. This  3D printing Speaker box not only has new design, an effective solution to the echo problem, but also to test the performance of other sound.
There is no doubt, 3D printing technology allows us to effectively solve old problems and rethink some of the traditional objects of design ideas.