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Such a 3D print of Buddha, have you seen it?

Date:2016-05-27 Hits:317
Such a 3D print of Buddha, have you seen it?
The combination of modern technology and traditional culture seems to make it more in line with modern aesthetic, for example, the most current hot 3D printing technology. In an earlier article, we have to tell you a lot about the artist works with 3D printing is completed examples. Today, now I would like to share with you an interesting model of "3D Printing contemporary statues" .

Pictured is Mi Luo Buddha 3D model designed and printed by MINGDA 3D printer, it’s feels very happy and very solid, the surface is very smooth, due MINGDA Glitar 3D products accuracy up to 0.05mm, is currently the most high-precision FDM 3d printer market printer. In the market, there are a variety of 3D Buddha, and are filled with a strong contemporary. 3D printing statues models that accurately represent a nation of ancient and contemporary art, is a symbol of national history.