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3D printer, leading the industrial revolution

Date:2016-05-30 Hits:310
3D printer, leading the industrial revolution
3D printing as a kind of "rapid prototyping" disruptive innovation, China is now have booming and rapid development. To build the nation's largest industrial chain, to build the first innovative technology as the leading center, 3D printing bring into the smart manufacturing new imprtus to technological revolution and industrial transfoemation.

3D printing is swept the world, from the stationery,small toys to big airplanes, cars, it stirred manufacturing revolution equally fast. Without mold, no tools, no lines, even without plants, a computer design a three-dimensional data model, a printer in a few days or even hours will be able to print a high accuracy products.

Today, MINGDA 3d printing machinery products have been launched auto parts, building materials, dental, prostheses, creative culture products and other six categories hundreds of varieties, covering industrial, medical, cultural and many other industries.