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3D printing three-dimensional heart

Date:2016-06-02 Hits:313
3D printing three-dimensional heart

3D printing is now becoming more common, its application can be called over to the major areas of health, education, design, aerospace and mold casting, with the continuous improvement of its technology and the development of equipment, 3D print industry to progress which bring us continues surprises.

Today I would like to share of a stereoscopic 3D printed heart with you, have you be surprised by the model? Although the model does not lhave life figure,or not like a human body, FDM technology is also have very good work which can print this lively model.

I believe in the near future, 3D printing technology can continue to develop and improve, it is not only a three-dimensional model, better use of 3D printing technology in the medical industry for a variety of surgery, the patient is more advantageous to provide effective treatment and help.