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3D printer can print the pots and pans

Date:2016-06-10 Hits:295
3D printer can print the pots and pans
As long as you want, you can print out the model, the photo shows is 3D cookware by MINGDA.

3D printing is considered one of the third industrial revolution flag. What is the exactly principle of it? "The concept of 3D printing is to design a lot of good 3D model into thin slices, then superimposed layers, it is also known by material manufacturing," it works any three-dimensional object, can decompose to continuously superimposed two-dimensional plane. "MINGDA staff explained.

In fact, in real life all these years, we have some products and the science fiction world, no longer distant. 3d printer is one of them. In Europe, resulting in a revolution is in full swing, both the tech geek, artistic genius, or medical experts, creative people have it up endless obsession. The industry believes that 3D printer can create a copy of the world, even long before we can achieve functional space science fiction movies of the conveyor.