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MINGDA!!! We together celebrate employees' birthday party

Date:2016-06-12 Hits:305
MINGDA!!! We together celebrate employees' birthday party
Today is June 12, MINGDA family ushered in one of our staff birthday , all the partner for the birthday organized a birthday party and prepare a beautiful birthday gift for the her. wish to send care and joy, see there have 'birthday party scene and lively atmosphere permeated birthday face laugh smile, I know this event brought joy to everyone, the company hopes every employee in the company to leave a good memories.

 First birthday wishes must speak out: "I hope MINGDA be better and better and we can continue to progress together for the company's future efforts." The desire behind meditation do not know. (I guess certainly is to find a handsome boyfriend, which is the birthday wish every single people ah, ha ha!)

Each department also taking the time to participate in our 'birthday party. Our sales general manager stick to order the birthday cake by herself, and no wonder cake so delicious, the staff is really a thoughtful good boss.
In the end, with the birthday song and laughter in the birthday party,' it’s every atmosphere and very lively, every member of the team are hoping to grow the company as soon as possible, each member's contribution to the positive power every minute, we believe that in the coming days, the company and all customers, friends can common progress, to become even more outstanding 3D printing leading brand.