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Printing 3D print pencil sharpener, have you used?

Date:2016-06-13 Hits:300
Printing 3D print pencil sharpener, have you used?
The Children’s Day is leaving ,but many people are memories of childhood, they imitate pictures of the year for comparison, some people took the year's favorite toys and school supplies, pencils and pencil sharpener is of course the most familiar childhood of stationery . But you never thought possible, with a 3d printer can help you to print different pencil sharpener.

The picture shows the MINGDA customer's own design and print 3D pencil sharpener, and its shell is samely as an ordinary pencil sharpener? I think 3D print pencil sharpener is more creative. As long as the design model you want, and then through the 3D printer to print out will be able to achieve a fine work, and finally simply install a blade, a perfect and creative small works can easily get.