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Creative small furniture items 3D printing Pot

Date:2016-06-14 Hits:289
Creative small furniture items 3D printing Pot
Many of my friends want decorate the house beautfl, the man who travelling or residing in a place far away from home too,is more in missing home, in fact it can be potted small pots add a lot of warm feeling home. Potted uncommon, but have you seen 3D print pot?

The picture shows the 3D printing plants, there are already a lot of designers are beginning to use 3D printing technology to create new products, and for home improvement, there are many people for one of the bright personality of products, 3D print on these small household objects Applications It has become increasingly skillful, and break through the traditional design, so home life becomes more interesting. To underestimate large, these small creative 3D printing although some minor, but we can not deny it makes 3D printing technology slowly immersed in our lives, though not universal, but this is a good start.