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3D printing Dinosaurs is printed by 3D printer

Date:2016-06-16 Hits:316
3D printing Dinosaurs is printed by 3D printer

This dinosaur actually is a fashionable 3D print dinosaur model, it is also a model via computer to design model ,through a series of improvement and transformation, the final completion of the model appears, is not it incredible?

But its magic is not to be particularly complex procedures to complete the model, as long as there is a 3d printer and a roll of supplies you can easily get it by PLA supplies by FDM technology through fused deposition layer by layer superimposed final thus forming a picture of the model.
Of course MINGDA constant innovation and improvement of the machine, as more and more users to use 3D printers, recording increased and customer feedback, the product can continue to optimize and improve accordingly.