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3D print portrait, from 2D to 3D

Date:2016-06-17 Hits:328
3D print portrait, from 2D to 3D
Use a 3D scanner to acquire a data 360 degree, and 3D modeling, print, just like a three-dimensional "picture" will be done.

"3D printing" is not a stranger word, it appeared frequently in recent years, always appear in the major technology media, you can print a gun or a heart, with the lives of ordinary people we have much to do with it? If the combination of imaging professionals, will be able to customize the application in portrait, this technology to pull the consumer market, compared to sculpture depicting characterization, it is true record, compared to flat photographs, data version of 3D scanned more comprehensive, but also more retention value. "I want to give every family to build a 3D image database, just as genealogy, even then few hundred years, and their descendants still be open to look at any time." A staff member engaged in film and television industry said.

Now, however, a 3D model is not everyone can print portrait consumer goods, and if everyone can accept and process will take some time, but I believe, and soon after, with the 3d printer more widely used, the more An increasing number of people will take home the 3D printer.