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3D Printing LED lighting applications

Date:2016-06-18 Hits:316
3D Printing LED lighting applications
In the LED lighting industry, 3D printer is playing an increasingly important role. Now there are many LED lighting manufacturers to use 3d printer model, used in the production of the product prior to design and various small accessories.

The future of 3D printing will become a public service in various cities, 3D print shop will be open all over every corner. Not only in the factory, in the major stores and even in the family, we can always find 3D printer figure. From the long-term development, innovation and the need to lower the threshold. Education is very important, 3D printing is seen as part of the Year of geek culture, school education has become a "favorite." For this reason, from the customer to create the education market has become the focus of the promotion of 3D printing market.