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World's first 3D print Olli driverless electric vehicles

Date:2016-06-22 Hits:315
World's first 3D print Olli driverless electric vehicles

The world's first 3D driverless bus roaming, Olli is a part of the recovery can be driverless electric train, which consists of Local Motors developed. Local Motors utilizing IBM Watson (Watson) cognitive learning software to drive the car, the specific name of this software is "Watson Internet of Things (IoT) for Automotive (Watson Cars things)." In 2011, Watson beat two opponents become Jeopardy show winner, IBM software on the basis of the development of automotive software.


Olli will be exclusive to DC these next few months, but Miami and Las Vegas will get their own in late 2016. Local Motors is also in talks to test the bus in cities outside the US, including Berlin, Copenhagen and Canberra.


If and when the time comes that driverless public vehicles can legally shuttle passengers, you'll be able to summon an Olli through an app, just like Uber. With 3D printing technology continue to improve and improve, and soon after, 3D printing technology in the transport sector will account for an increasingly important point.