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3D printing unmanned aircraft, to accelerate China'saerospace technology

Date:2016-06-23 Hits:303
3D printing unmanned aircraft,  to accelerate China'saerospace technology
Just need some materials, a 3D printer, you can print out a car, a house, a piece of chocolate ...... This is the 3D (three-dimensional) printing technology. 3D printing has become a trend, and been widely applied in the field of design, especially industrial design, digital product development, saving a lot of products to market development time. It is a fancy 3D printing technology in the future prospects of this technology used in China to promote the manufacture of unmanned aircraft.

3D printing technology known as rapid prototyping technology, is the 1990s developed an advanced manufacturing technology. Ordinary printer works on the same principle, 3d printers and other plastic interior Pla "printing materials", the computer is connected through the computer-controlled printing material "layered manufacturing, layer by layer stacking", eventually became a blueprint for the kind of computer.

3D printing technology will be applied to unmanned aircraft, it has many advantages. Aircraft from concept to simulation and then entity requires a long process. The use of 3D printing, 3D drawings can be as long as there is "Print."

At the scientific research and development stage, scientists need to conduct various experiments. According to conventional practice, they put ideas into the minds of the kind, to drawing paper, and then find the business processes of manufacturing plants, and then to pick up objects, which requires at least a month's time. The use of 3D printing technology, as long as the 3D drawing out a few hours to deliver the product to the hands of those who need.

Application of new materials in the UAV, stealth, etc., 3D technology also has great use of space. From 2009 onwards, he began to promote the major unmanned aircraft factory 3D technology, recognized by many manufacturers.