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World's first 3D printed house is completed in 45Days

Date:2016-06-28 Hits:304
World's first 3D printed house is completed in 45Days
The world's first 3D-printed house has been completed in 45 DAYS - according to architects claiming they could be set to lead a housebuilding revolution.

The project is said to have taken place non-stop over six-and-a-half weeks in Beijing’s Tongzhou District.

The result is a two-storey, 400-square metre home with walls as thick as eight-feet.

Beijing-based firm Huashang Tengda claim the massive project needed little input from manual workers while technology specialists oversaw the process.

Giant printers used special reinforced concrete to build the villa before it was painted and given finish touches by decorators.

Such multi-story houses have previously been printed in separate parts and then pieced together but this is believed to be the first case of a house produced in one go.