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What roles can FDM 3d printer play in our everyday life?

Date:2016-07-05 Hits:305
What roles can FDM 3d printer play in our everyday life?
No.1 3D bicycle moving handle
For riders, the bike move onto the next day is indeed a worry. You know, most of the bike is relatively heavy, moving up more trouble, they might even rub dirty clothes.
Use FDM 3d printer to print a fixed handle, while you can bike in one hand, the bike looks more beautiful.

No.2 3D hook travel
Don't you think your bag, umbrella and so on are nowhere to place it? Think about how much umbrella lost because everywhere can not find? How many times had to put the bag after on the dirty floor.

Use FDM 3d printer to print trip hooks could solve these problems. It absolutely can support the weight of your bag. You can hang your bag in a restaurant, subway or any other places.

No.3 3D key hook
How long do you spend every day for finding keys? To go to work, suddenly found the key can not find! Cup ......
fdm 3d printer can print little key hooks and avoid this embarrassment, while add a point style in your room. Hang it on the door allowing you to reach places, or to secure it to a closet. Of course, you can also be used to hang headphones, or other small items easily lost.

No.4 3D estimated noodles
Sometimes do more rice, it will eat a token gesture, because it is really hard to make sure what amount is appropriate.
You can use FDM 3D printer to print four or more small groove, whereby the family a measure of human appetite, both of appetite, and so on.

No.5 3D lifting hook
Once mention the many shopping bags is very difficult, especially for treasure dad Baoma often water and soil.
Print this simple bag can be reduced to raise hook your fingers point pain, and you can easily make a portable three packages. Of course, you can also use it to raise environmental bag.

No.6 Desktop-location rack
You want to keep your desktop tidy in long time? Messy desk with a newspaper or a heap of debris everywhere is really not a good scene.
To solve this problems, you can use FDM 3D printer to print a small gap to put newspapers, phones, or pencils, notebooks, etc. which make your desktop look more elegant.

No.7 3D Opener
You can always find at the party, holding a bottle of beer without opening the lid anxious. I know you. It must be the opener and lost?

To solve this trouble, you could use FDM 3D printer to print a small bottle opener and place it in your car, house or any place, as long as you need, it can open a bottle of cold drink for you