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Doctors use 3D printing to exchange patient chin

Date:2016-07-06 Hits:303
Doctors use 3D printing to exchange patient chin

Natural disasters, people living in this world anyway, will inevitably encounter some unexpected accident. Some received only some frightened, and some will let you directly killed, some make you physical handicap. However, after 3D printing technology use into the medical field, all this will be greatly different.

In recently, there is a doctor through the 3D printing technology to help patients repair a physical handicap. The patients receiving treatment called Shirley Anderson, he was in the distant 18 years ago, in 1998, he unfortunately found himself tongue up deadly tumors.

In order to cure this disease, Anderson has endured all kinds of surgery and radiation therapy, he underwent surgery, the doctor destroy his facial structure, the radium implant to the chin. The doctor cut away his chest muscles to rebuild his chin, but failed ...... he never lost his chin.

After that, Anderson dinner and speeches were impossible task. Anderson had lost the chin to hide his true face masks. As for the talk, he can only rely on the whiteboard to write by hand to communicate with people.

And he lost 80 lbs in just three months.

The pain lasted for several years, in 2012, it ushered in when things turn for the better. He met the doctor Travis Bellicchi, he is a maxillofacial prosthesis specialist at Indiana University School of Dentistry.

Beier Anderson doctor began to make an artificial chin. The chin using the traditional production process - Anderson should all sit down, waiting for the doctor spent several hours at his face, wiping plaster, but also to breathe through a straw.

Even so difficult, produced chin still very practical. Because it is too uncomfortable, so every time with this fake chin Anderson can not more than four hours, but it was too heavy, and often fall down.

Because the jaw is too unwieldy, so doctors decided Beier ! For a new way to make the chin!

This time he chose to replace plaster silica gel, facial scanning 3D scanner and 3D modeling facial model, and then the 3d printer to print out, and finally find the artist with a special fuel to modify this fake chin, it becomes more realistic. All the production process is very easy, the process did not bring additional pain to the patient.

The new chin comfortable to wear a lot, it looks more realistic, but also much lighter and more breathable, which makes it easier to breathe Anderson, each wearing longer. This time, Anderson gained a more convenient chin, but Beier doctors also decided to use his name this treatment - "The Shirley Technique".

Anderson says he is now not concerned about what you have lost, but concerned about what they own. Indeed he now has something a lot of people are not, a new 3D print chin, there is a named after him treatment.

In addition to Anderson, the program now also applied to the other six patients who believe in the future it will allow more people to benefit.

In 2014, Peking University research team on the success of 12-year-old boy implanted 3D printing spine; the same year in March, the Welsh team produced a 3D model of the skull, to help patients recover accident damaged appearance; 2015 when Spain on completion of the first 3D printing sternum, ribs implant surgery.

These are 3D printing technology in the medical field success stories.
3D printing can accurately replicate human skin, organs, bones, and even internal organs. On some parts of our body damage, we will be able to be replaced by 3D printing, you do not need to put up his own incomplete.